Angeles City, Philippines

You can download the application here.

For a very reasonable fee, you can easily promote your activity by becoming a sponsor and benefit of the following advantages:



Visible at high zoom

All businesses are visible on the map; descriptions are in local language and English for all other user languages

Yes Yes Yes

Visible at low zoom

Only sponsors are visible at low zoom; fonts and icons are slighthly larger

No Yes Yes

Contact data

User can initiate a contact by a simple clic

(1)Limited time
Yes Yes

Translation in all supported languages (45+ languages)

Users see descriptions in their own language

No Yes Yes

Custom icon

Exemple of a custom icon

No No Yes
Period Price Price Price
One month
(by month)
Free 125 PHP
(125 PHP)
250 PHP
(250 PHP)
Three months
(by month)
Free 300 PHP
(100 PHP)
600 PHP
(200 PHP)
Six months
(by month)
Free 550 PHP
(92 PHP)
1100 PHP
(184 PHP)
One year
(by month)
Free 1,000 PHP
(84 PHP)
2,000 PHP
167 PHP)

Banners are shown at the top of the screen and have the following features:
Prices depend of the various available options but start as low as 500 PHP a month. Please contact us with your project for further information.


Banner exemple


Page exemple